Advaita Vedanta

Spiritual Essays in English

During the first years of writing these essays people volunteered to translate them into English. These were either no professional translators or no native speakers so the translation may need editing at times. Still I am thankful to all those who helped so that we can present some of the essays in English.

A word about the essays in general

They are spiritual inspiration based on Advaita Vedanta. Yet they do not and cannot follow the teaching methodology. So they can support your study of Advaita Vedanta, but in order to study Vedanta, you will need a living teacher who personally guides you along the teaching methodology.

The essays are timeless. They can be read again and again and each time you can discover another gem. It is best to read the essays in the order they have been written.

Some of the German essays have been revised, however, the translation may be of the older version and not revised.

These essays are addressed to westerners. Indians, not familiar with western thinking may have difficulty recognizing traditional Advaita Vedanta behind the texts. But rest assured that the tradition is minutely followed in the actual teaching given in the classes.

Another note

So far, I do not offer any teaching in English. That’s why there is no intent to translate this website as a whole.

But if you are curious about the untranslated contents of this site, try

It does not produce perfect translations but has much improved in the last years, and I would recommend it.

Overview of English essays:

Nr.Essays 2014Essaytitel
4AprilEgo - I - Self
3MärzClearing out
2FebruarEnlightenment - What it is not
1JanuarEnlightenment - What it is
Nr.Essays 2013Essaytitel
12DezemberGratitude, Happiness and Bliss
11NovemberCompleteness – Abundance – Fullness
10OktoberThe Heart
9SeptemberBeing One with All
8AugustFrustration Competence
4AprilFreedom - Love - Happiness
3MärzExperiencing Non-Duality
2FebruarThe Play of Life
1JanuarSelf-Investigation – Questioning the Separate Self
Nr.Essays 2012Essaytitel
12DezemberStages on the spiritual journey - Advaita directions
11NovemberThe Spiritual Teacher
10OktoberThe Spiritual Search
9SeptemberIs the world Illusory?
6JuniStep by Step
5MaiLogically and Psychologically
4AprilWhat is the right thing to do?
Nr.Essays 2011Essaytitel
12DezemberReflections on the body
9SeptemberSeeking Truth and the issue of time
7JuliWhat can I do?
5MaiFrom devotion to surrender
4AprilHappiness and Bliss
3MärzConsciousness, Awarenss
1JanuarThe Longing for Truth
Nr.Essays 2010Essaytitel
12DezemberWhat is Vedanta and what is Advaita Vedanta?
11NovemberWhy should I ask myself, who or what I am?